Mentoring Program

The SBA says that the TOP reason businesses fail is NOT because of a lack of money — it’s because of a lack of sound professional advice. Be smart and avoid that fatal problem by joining TiE Rockies and getting an experienced mentor today!

Remember that you don’t have to be a start up to benefit from a mentor — no matter how many years of experience you have, a good mentor can be the difference between success and failure. A mentor is similar to a small board of directors and you’ll notice that ALL large companies have boards of directors to help them think through problems and challenges. Everyone can benefit from a mentor!

How it works: The mentoring program provides entrepreneurs access to mentoring with senior business professionals. You may have up to three hours with each mentor over the course of three months. You may work with more than one mentor depending on your company’s stage and needs. If you need more than the three hours of support, a services agreement may be setup between you and your mentor, outside the scope of the Mentor Match Program.

To truly be successful, a Mentoring relationship must have a strong commitment from both the Mentee and Mentor. As a Mentee you would need to expect to fully uphold your side of the relationship. That would include actively working with the Mentor and Mentoring Program Chair to schedule Mentoring sessions and report results. It would also include putting in the necessary time to follow through with agreed upon actions related to your business that are suggested by the Mentor. Your time commitment will equal 2-4 hours per mentoring hour.

Follow these easy steps to get started:

  1. Ensure your TiE Rockies membership is current – Click here to join, renew, or check if your membership is current.
  2. Contact our Mentoring Program Chair, Richard Smolenski Email directly
  3. Fill out your Mentee Application Form – Help us better understand your company and needs
  4. Get matched! – The Mentoring Committee will pair you with a best fit mentor 

Your membership guarantees you unlimited access to Mentor Match and our network of mentors… So use it!  If you would like more information and assistance finding a mentor, please email Richard Smolenski.


At least twice per year we also host MentorFest to help members get introduced to Mentoring. For more info on that special, members-only event click here.

Mentee Application At-A-Glance

  • Please describe your current business or venture.
  • What is the current stage of your business or venture?
  • What are the pressing issues/subjects that you would like help from a Mentor on?
  • As specifically as possible, please describe the target market for your product or services.
  • What are 3 specific business goals that you believe are achievable via this mentorship program during the next 3 months and that relate to the stage of business you are in?
  • What are your expectations of a Mentor in this program?

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