Entrepreneurial Roundtable featuring Charter Member Bob Smith

Wednesday, August 21, 2013 - 11:00am - 1:00pm
Innovation Pavilion, Suite 310/390
9200 East Mineral Avenue
Centennial 80112
United States
Charter Members:  Complimentary
General Members:  $10.00
Non Members:  $17.00
Get your Customers to Love You... more than your Dog!
(If you do not have a dog, or do not understand how much dogs love us…come anyway. We may have a bone or two for you as well!)
Producing Remarkable Customer Service by Design

This "90 minute Power Seminar" is jammed packed with amazing and unique customer service stories from our private client files. We will show you how to make 3 powerful very “over the top” (which means awesome) customer service improvements, which will have an immediate positive impact on your business. This program is full of quick tips, easy to digest ideas, (not like the lunch) all of which will “WOW” anybody who attends…I’ll bet even your dog would love it. (Guess what…your customer is not always rights…does it matter? Come find out!) We deliver this program in a true interactive, multi media format (which means cool stuff happens in the room) so you can learn how implement these principles (the stuff you will learn) immediately to start providing your very own version of REMARKBLE customer service in your business today! (That means you are a winner!)

Will the real Bob Smith stand up!

Robert Smith

Founder and CEO of Axcelerate Worldwide Inc.

Mr. Smith is the founder and President of Axcelerate Worldwide. For over 20 years, he has specialized in assisting businesses to realize dramatic increases in sales and profits through the design and implementation of unique, entrepreneurial business growth strategies. He has achieved extraordinary success in more than 200 major industries throughout the world and added over $1.5 billion dollars in proven new growth revenues for his clients. Mr. Smith has had more than 400 sellout speaking engagements across the country, for his legendary customer service and marketing programs.

As joint venture owner and President of The Aurium Group Inc. in 2002 achieved over $189,000,000 in new revenues in just over 1 year in the New York City marketplace.

His specialties:

Assists CEO’s, executives, and business owners, develop compelling unique market and customer service strategies to capture high valued channels and prospects.
Develops high level strategies for their business, web site, e-commerce sites, mobile and social media.

Here’s what People are saying about Bob Smith:
Bob delivered the best marketing/customer service training program in the history of the NSA Winter Workshop. No one left his session…and I mean no one! Bob had an amazing way of capturing our professional audience and he kept their attention for eight hours!”
Larry Larose, President of National Speakers Association

“Bob is the single most brilliant marketing innovator of our time. His customer service programs are what legends are made of and his marketing is in a class by itself.”
Mike Basch, Co-Founder of Federal Express

“You and your team have set the new definition of what a successful marketing strategy should be…what impresses me (I’m not easily impressed) about you and your team, is that your marketing strategies and tactics are about getting sales right now along with building long term sustainability.”
Valerie Anderson, President, Catalyst Partners, Inc., Colorado Springs, CO
Former VP of the Gartner Group and Co-Founder of Sybase

“Bob is the most brilliant and amazing business growth strategist I have ever worked with and you would be a fool not to work with him.”
Will Ezell, Infomercial Productions, Tampa, FL

“Bob Smith is an insightful forward thinking professional who is visionary by nature and has the capacity to design, develop and execute on conceptual growth strategies. His comprehensive thought processes have brought to light some of the best strategic marketing campaigns I’ve ever come across.
Howard Persons , President of Relevance Media

“When you meet with Bob, you will know you have met one of the most brilliant minds in developing marketing strategies in the country.
Ford Saeks, Prime Concepts, Wichita, KS

He is a recipient of many national awards such as being voted as one of the best marketing executive in the country by The American Business Awards from over 2,200 nominees. He is registered in Who's Who and is a member of Direct Marketing Association, Peak Venture Group, Charter member of TIE Rockies, and a Board Emeritus member of The Boy Scouts of America.

He is an expert outdoorsman, hiker, mountain bike rider, mountain climber (17 of the 54 14,000 foot mountains), skier, and enjoys the Colorado Rockies with his wife and 2 children.

Mailing Address: 6660 Delmonico Drive, #D249
Colorado Springs, CO 80919
Office Address: 303 South Cascade Ave, Suite 101
Colorado Springs, CO 80903